(Comedy, One Act, forty minutes)
Written by Dale Wasserman

The subject is retroactive sexual jealousy. A seemingly happy couple in the Midwest is subjected to severe strain when the wife is left a large gift of money by a notorious womanizer with whom, presumably, she once had a relationship. Will the happy marriage now shatter? Surprises occur, and the play makes a brave (but possibly reckless) attempt to answer Dr. Freud's famous question: "What do women want?"

*BOY ON BLACKTOP ROAD and THE STALLION HOWL are published jointly under the title OPEN SECRETS and in this form, comprise a complete theatre evening, with an overlap of cast.

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The stallion howl? It’s that male scream of frustration which is heard when a husband asks his wife, “Tell me about your sex-life before we were married…” and he gets Chinese fairy tales by way of answer.
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