Written by Dale Wasserman

The Bishop of fourteenth century Prague is humane, witty and happily immoral, which suits his city just fine. However, it displeases the Pope who sends a clever young Inquisitor to force obedience from the Bishop, triggering a collision that ends shockingly. You’ll recognize the game as that old, “Who’s Got The Power?” but you’ve never seen it played for such amazing stakes.

“A gripping, brilliantly constructed play by a master of drama.”
-- Hollywood Reporter

“PLAYERS IN THE GAME boasts beautifully etched characters, each role an actor's delight.”
-- Drama-Logue

“The clash between the Grand Inquisitor and the corrupt but tolerant Bishop of Prague is a scene made in theatre heaven -- a remarkable scene, a deadly contest, the stuff of which classics are made.”
-- Los Angeles Herald-Examiner

“The voices in Dale Wasserman's PLAYERS IN THE GAME are ostensibly 14th century, but in actuality are disturbingly modern. What we have here is a play for all seasons.”
-- Forth Worth Star-Telegram

“Prepare to be shocked, not so much by the candid sexuality as by the portrayal of religion wielding political clout – a theme disturbingly true to our own time.”

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