A new book by Dale Wasserman
Published by Applause Books

It was born of a mistake. An item in a Madrid newspaper read, "Dale Wasserman in Spain to research a movie version of DON QUIXOTE, to star Yves Montand." Actually Wasserman was in Spain for no purpose other than to kick back and have fun. But the item started him speculating -- how come there had been hundreds of adaptations of DON QUIXOTE but never a successful one? He began brooding on it and concluded that while the novel was unadaptable, the life of its creator might be the stuff of great theatre.

And so MAN OF LA MANCHA was written, first as a TV special, then a play for stage, and then as a musical, an astonishing hit which for forty years has been running throughout the world in forty languages, and looks never to close. And now Wasserman has written the book which others have attempted but, denied information available only to the play's creator, been unable to write. It's called THE IMPOSSIBLE MUSICAL and is indeed an astonishing account -- not only rich in backstage revelations but also as an uncensored look into the minds of authors at work.

Here's the first paragraph of the book:
"MAN OF LA MANCHA was a production nobody wanted, booked into a theatre nobody else would have, and ignored by everyone except the public. During its tryout it had been adjudged by the wise men of Broadway as having a certain shy charm but a dim future, incapable of competing among the heavyweights. Certainly not, as LIFE MAGAZINE proclaimed, "A Metaphysical Smasheroo." Metaphysical it certainly was, but none of those wise men -- or anyone else, in fact -- had dared predict that it would become a "Smasheroo."

Wasserman takes his readers on a wild ride, a rare inside look at the evolution of a work which has profoundly touched the minds and emotions of millions of people. With unusual candor, he has stripped naked the process of birth, growth and maturity of an immortal coup de theatre.

Here's a fascinating read, not only for theatre aficionados but for the general public as well.

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