Written by Dale Wasserman

Story: An investigation into the appearance — and subsequent disappearance — of a mysterious Boy who speaks no language and has apparently never before seen a human being. A strange story emerges as the ‘respectable people’ being interrogated break down and confess their relationship to the Boy. The denouement is startling and shocking — a shameful crime has been committed, though no one knows precisely what it is nor what the penalty may be.

(DW comments: Plays are meant to be shared with audiences. If one is making a private statement it should inhabit some other form. But 'BOY ON BLACKTOP ROAD' is so personal a play that I put it away for a long time, feeling that its argument was too private, its vision too subjective for public display. Added to which, it may surely be assailed by critics as metaphysical or obscure. But my medium is the theatre, and my hope, always, is that if it's worth writing it's worth sharing. In this I may be wrong, but that's always the risk taken when one writes, isn't it?)

* BOY ON BLACKTOP ROAD and THE STALLION HOWL may be joined to make a full theatre evening, or may also be performed separately. If together, there is almost a complete overlap of cast.

Intimate and Moving...
Edgy and Enthralling."

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